Dinner w Flux Pavilion & The Osbournes

What an interesting dinner we just had in West Hollywood at Nobu sushi.
While meeting my friend and co creative, DJ Producer Flux Pavilion, aka Josh Steele
he mentions we will be joined by 3 or 4 more people, I tell him that I have a surprise guest as well.
Craig & Flux Tequila
My guest, old friend and master tequila maker, Phillip Delacruz, has just created his masterpiece, DAMA, the first feminine, PINK Tequila….and that we would get to do a private tasting tonight at Nobu, before its official release in May……Flux says the others joining us would be his tour manager Jay and his friend Kelley along with her mom and dad.


Turns out that Kelley’s mom and dad are Ozzy and Sharon…..and they really were fabulous, down to earth and funny as fuck!

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